Accounting and Tax Pricing in Amarillo

Preparing a tax return and providing other accounting services is like fixing a car. We can’t tell you how much it is going to cost unless you let us take a look. The price ultimately depends on the time spent on performing the service (although we are also open to agreeing on a flat fee for performing a particular service). If you are a new customer and are shopping for the best deal, after a brief discussion with you or shortly after receiving your information, we can provide an estimate (just like a mechanic would do). The final fee is usually very close to or identical to the estimated amount. If we become aware that the estimate was too low, we will let you know before continuing with the service.

One last word. Don’t assume that hiring a CPA will be more expensive than hiring a tax-preparer. You may be surprised to find that certified public accountants offer competitive prices (actually, in most cases, lower prices) when compared to national franchises offering tax services. Give us a call and find out for yourself.